Fast Foward

The hollyhocks are are coming right along, Here’s my progress report for my time lapse quilt for 2/16/2014. I’ll  give a few photos leading up to today’s progress., if anyone is just seeing this for the first time. It will make it a time lapse.

hollyhock quilt progress 004
Start Date Jan 19 Fabric painted work begins
hollyhock quilt progress 006
Jan 27
hollyhocks, hollyhock quilt 020
Feb. 2 2014
Barbara Harms fiber arthollyhock quilt progress 024
Feb 5
hollyhock (10)
Feb 9

Progress 2/16/2014

I have finished most of flowers and and added the shading to the stocks. A few side views of the flowers and buds and a little more details and then I’ll be ready to quilt it.

Feb 16
hollyhocks 2 16
hollyhocks 2/16/2014

hollyhocks 007

hollyhocks 010

hollyhocks 014If you would like to follow this series from it’s start here are the links that cover it





Good bye Seuss

I’ve  finished ! “Seuss Over Youse” is all done. It was loads of fun and I’ll miss thing two and thing one.

Enough of this silliness, I’ve run out of material anyway. But you have to admit I made the effort!

In any case. here is the finished quilt, “Seuss Over Youse”.

Seuss Over Youse,

Seuss Over Youse

Seuss Over Youse detail

Detailed view


Cherry Blossoms time, the theme of my new art quilt


I love cherry trees, it’s breath taking to see each new tree as it is in full bloom. I love the romance of the pink “snow” which covers the ground after the blossoms fall. I love that glorious spectacle that occurs every year. The fact that it lasts  for only a brief  time, makes the experience even sweeter.

In a earlier post I mentioned a charming Japanese tradition which celebrating  the beauty of their blooming cherry trees. I am enchanted by this wonderful Japanese tradition, that occurs every year. As the cherry trees begin their  bloom season the celebration of that beauty begins,

There are many varieties of  cherry trees, each one has it’s own bloom cycle, some early, some  mid season or others bloom late.  As one variety of  tree  begins  it’s bloom cycle,  another variety is  just  finishing it’s. The blooming season is extended with the staggered bloom times.

I have no idea of the history behind what follows, perhaps it is simply a way to appreciate the beautiful display. Families picnic  under the trees which are  currently blooming. When the next  round of blooming begins, they follow and have another picnic beneath the blossoms, and on this will continue til the blooming has finished.

You may wonder how do people know which trees are currently in bloom? Bloom updates report the currently blooming trees and their locations, in much the same way as ski reports are  broadcast here in the states. Which ski locations have fresh snow, ” Vale Colorado has fresh snow with a depth of …” .. As the updated  blooming reports are made a flurry of people travel from one location to the next follow, taking in all the beauty.

I think this story illustrates the excitement and awe we feel as we observe  this wonderful spectacle. I decided to make the theme of my new art quilt one tree in bloom. Looking up the old  gnarly trunk of a old cherry tree to see a pink cloud of blossoms spilling out  over the branches.  It is a  striking contrast.

I’ve made a start on it. My quilt is on a long hand painted panel, which is  about 50″ by 19. I’ve fused on many cherry blossoms and am in the process of appliqueing them on. Then the thread painting will add detail, the bark on the tree and so forth.

Here are a few photos of this early stage, I’ll try to give you updates of the progress.


full length
full length


cherry blossom quilt applique