The Race Is On or Would You Care For a poppy?

Barbara Harms Fiber Art Two Poppies

Pleas allow me to make excuses

I have to admit it, lately I’ve been a little neglectful of my blog, posts have been a little sparse. The problem is, I’m running around in circles, like a dog chasing his tale.

Recently I received a copy of the final edit from the editor of Art Quilting Studio magazine. Having a small feature is exciting. It will include links to follow for anyone who would like to see more of my fiber art.

The magazine comes out on June 1st, that will be here in no time. As I thought about it, something occurred to me. If anyone has an interest in seeing more of my work, I need to have plenty of work to see. I’ve gotten a little on the low side. Possibly, I’m obsessing a wee bit, as I am prone to do. After all, I do have work to show, ” Yet I ask myself, is it enough?” So the fretting and worrying begins, I need to make art quilts immediately, more art quilts and even more quilts. The race is on!

Making an art quilt takes a serious amount of time, “no matter, I can do it” I told myself. I was off and running. My sewing machine and I have become very close lately. I’m working hard. I’ve finished a new one and am racing onward. Next”…..Below  I’ve posted the newly completed poppy quilt. I’ve yet to give it a real title, so for now it’s poppies.

Then there’s the other thing

The other thing that has kept me jumping around and blogging less, is something I’ve  been talking about for the longest time. I think that it’s about time I have a website.A real website which displays my work, possibly offering it for sale, although the jury is still out on that one.

I have began to think about it again, the article will have  links that people can follow to see more of my work, one of those

should lead to a respectable fiber art website.

I do have this blog, I have an Etsy store and I have  two, count em, two Face Book pages [ one too many, but that’s another story] None of these are what I  would consider a respectable fiber art website, which represents who I am as a fiber artist and the work I create.

Since it’s unlikely that I’ll find a fancy smancy web designer, who is willing to work for free or would accept quilts in payment for his services, I am left with my final option. This is as likely to occur, as finding a web designer who works for free. The time has come, I knew would. It has come down to my last option, it’s up to me to  to build a good ole do it yerself  template kind of website. The kind that “they”, the  possessors of the skills and knowledge, are “selling”. “They” claim these websites are so easy to build, that any idiot can knock one out in a couple of hours. Well not this idiot!

“They” find it unimaginable that people exist who are so inept that they are unable to turn on a computer without calling tech support. [“What’s this button for? How do you turn this thing on? What’s the TV screen for? Are we going to watch a movie?” ]. The possibility has never crossed “their” minds that not everyone has knowledge of computers, look at your customers face and age, that can be an important clue. A fact which becomes immediately evident the moment they open “their” mouths.”They” could be speaking Chinese for all I know. I have no idea what “they” are talking about, what do these strange words mean? Anything beyond “Hello, I’m Brad. Can I help you” is unintelligible. Apparently not Brad.

So…build a  website, me really? Me? Ha, Not going to happen in this universe or any other, for that matter.

One down on to the next

I apologize for my neglect, but you can see what I have been facing, so please bear with me.

Here is one of my finished art quilts. I do want to state for the record, I hope you don’t imagine my hasty agenda has resulted in fiber art that I have skimped on.

After hand painting the background fabric and silk poppies, I appliqued my silk flowers onto the fabric backdrop. The scene  consists of a green mound covered with low flowering plants, the  poppies have grown from this area. A  sky that although blue, has begun to darken, suggesting an upcoming  storm. The  mound, is covered with low growing plants, having delicate mufti colored flowers. Poppies  have sprung  up in this field.

The final step is the thread painting, or what is often called free motion machine embroidery.Thread is used as a paint and brush, You may wonder why this step is necessary, since much of the composition has been painted already and  most of the flowers are going to be covered anyway by  extensive thread painting? The reason? It adds so much to the over all look. It provides the base to build on. The layers of color, are deepened. The thread painting enhances the under painting. Thread painting offers the opportunity to create additional detail, texture,  pattern and dimension.

So here is my art quilt, poppies.

Barbara Harms Fiber Art Two Poppies  020









Barbara Harms Fiber Art Poppy art quilt 019 copy

















Barbara Harms Fiber Art Poppy art quilt 004 copy
Barbara Harms Fiber Art Poppy art quilt 020 copy






Barbara Harms Fiber Art Poppy art quilt 024 copy










Barbara Harms Fiber Art Poppy

Fast Foward

The hollyhocks are are coming right along, Here’s my progress report for my time lapse quilt for 2/16/2014. I’ll  give a few photos leading up to today’s progress., if anyone is just seeing this for the first time. It will make it a time lapse.

hollyhock quilt progress 004
Start Date Jan 19 Fabric painted work begins
hollyhock quilt progress 006
Jan 27
hollyhocks, hollyhock quilt 020
Feb. 2 2014
Barbara Harms fiber arthollyhock quilt progress 024
Feb 5
hollyhock (10)
Feb 9

Progress 2/16/2014

I have finished most of flowers and and added the shading to the stocks. A few side views of the flowers and buds and a little more details and then I’ll be ready to quilt it.

Feb 16
hollyhocks 2 16
hollyhocks 2/16/2014

hollyhocks 007

hollyhocks 010

hollyhocks 014If you would like to follow this series from it’s start here are the links that cover it





One More Try

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I am disturbed by the dismal photographic results of my quilt, my  Rain Forest Canopy. It turned out so well. It was pretty. I was pleased at the results, that is until I saw the photos. How could an attractive quilt look so unattractive in photos of it? I’m frustrated because it

is a cool quilt, interesting, great colors  pretty, such dazzling glittery threads. but you sure  can’t tell from the photos. I have taken a few more photos and done a few tweaks. It hasI thought this one was a cool looking quilt, [ No false modesty here, ha,]  but if i don’t like the quilts I am making, why would I expect anyone else to? If I can’t offer work that I’m proud of, why bother at all?

If I sound like I’m patting myself on the back a wee bit too much, sorry, I can think of no other way to convey the difference between the actual quilt and the  picture of the quilt. I made a list

I’ll describe what I think are it’s best points, that photos don’t show very well. 

Here’s my list:

#1-The color, love those blues and orange reds together, a classic great combo.  

#2-The design. The design is obviously an abstract,. I realize that abstracts aren’t everyone’s cup of

tea, but I love them. I think it turned out to be a cool abstract.

#3- I love the threads I used, for my abstract quilting, The way they made my  quilting pop. they are some of the best I’ve found, what a difference good thread makes.These show with a rich, saturated appearance.

There is a lot more I would like to say here about thread, but my posts are already to long. So I’ll save that

for another post in a few days, come back then, if you’e like some thread insight from a fiber

artist, I’ve used many different threads, kinds and brands, I’ve have found my favorites and will share that, as well as why I personally feel that way.

So check back in a few days. 


Rain Forest Canopy

Rain Forest

Rain Foreat Canapy

Rain Forest Canaoy

Rain Forest quilt center

Rain Forest Canopy

Rain Forest Canap


Rain Forest Canopy