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A website featuring the art work of Barbara Harms. Offering an overview of her work. Includes original art quilts, silk paintings & hand painted painted furniture for sale. The blog is included on this website, many topics with an emphasis on art, home decor and anything related to home.

A Feature in Art Quilting Studio Magazine

IT’S HERE! My issue of Art Quitting Studio has arrived. I’m in it. Pretty exciting.
Opened it up, and there I was! My quilt and name, a whole 3 pages.
I’m running out and buying several copies, before they change their minds. Do you think 50 will be enough?
Just imagine, if it excites me when I order new business cards, you can imagine how over the top this makes me!

ArtQuiltingStudioBarbaraHarmsFiberArtFeature 0
Here’s the featured article about the making of my art quilt, “60 MPH Sunset.












last page, the end


Time Lapse Art Quilt Progress check 1

I started this on Jan, 19


Today is Jan. 27th

Here’s where I am at. It may show, but a lot of work has been done.The hollyhocks and stocks have a lot more detail added. I’ll thread paint over most of them, so the real detail will be added then, Doesn’t it seem funny to paint a picture on fabric and then cover it up with thread painting? It adds depth, dimension and detail.

hollyhock quilt progress /27
Very long tall stocks, hard to get them.

hollyhock quilt progress 006


hollyhock quilt progress closer