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Nice mention I found on Google

Found on Tumblr

Surfing Google I ran across this montage of my art quilts, the link to the source was http://missverstand.tumblr.com/post/35637991614/barbara-harms-fiber-art-asianartandquilts Thanks missverstand.tumblr.com

Barbara Harms Fiber Art / AsianArtAndQuilts

Come On Be Brutal please!!!

I’m asking for feedback on this wordpress blog. I am fully braced for any criticism In an attempt to make improvements for my readers, JUST NO NAME CALLING LIKE THIS ONE “YOU’RE A STUPID DUMMIE HEAD,” OR” YOU HATE THE CAPS LOCK BUTTON?” OR “YOU SPELL TERRIBLE” – THIS ONE I ALREADY KNOW- OR “YOU SMELL ICKY”-I’VE GOT YOU ON THAT ONE, YOU CAN’T SMELL ME. Anything else is fair game, unless it is mean, no mean please, honest is good though. So how can I make this blog more enjoyable or interesting or less long-winded posts[ I KNOW I NEED IMPROVEMENT ON THAT ONE I TEND TO RAMBLE ON LIKE THE TEACHER IN Forest Bueller’s day off, “Now classsss..”].. I would really appreciate your input, “What would you like to see changed to improve this blog”

Tell your friends, there’s a crazy blogger who wants us to call her names, come on this should be fun!


Impressionist Art Quilt; Impression Sunrise In theThe Garden

This is hand painted silk.with all the flowers hand painted and appliqued on. In case you didn’t notice, there a lot of those funny little abstract flowers.Yet, this was a fun quilt to make.
In the spring, I like to have my first cup of coffee in the garden, admiring the flowers. The colors seem lit from within. The air is heavy with fragrance of the flowers, it lifts you off your bench. to smell and look at each flower.
I wonder if Monet did that in his garden at Giverny?
An image of Claude Monet in his garden in Give...
An image of Claude Monet in his garden in Giverny with an unidentified visitor. From The New York Times photo archive, dated only 1922, author not given (the image presumably in a Times December 24, 1922 profile on the painter). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)