I’m finally thinkin’ spring


We’ve had rain, cold, a sunny cold day, then rain, rain and cold, a spot of sunshine here and there.. You’re probably catching my drift, not much of a spring yet. Personally,

It’s always iffy to plan spring events here. You just can’t predict weather. It will warm up, but showers will come and go. Any planned outdoor event must include a contingency plan. Weather men, stations and reports are unreliable further out than a few days.

My point in my ramblings is to demonstrate how truly dedicated a devotee I am to the enjoyment of spring. When it is slow in coming, it generally means the jump from the cold wet end of winter to summer is a direct one skipping the season I love the most.

Here are a few photos of the flowers and colors of spring, past and a few present and a few from the past. Hope you enjoy this glorious season.

Spring quinc




Barbara Harms Fiber Art wild flowers


IMG017 (1)


2008_0723JosiahJuly080042 copy


Past Garden Tea Party

Is this a blog about art quilts or photopraphy?

This is a Fiber art blog definitely an art quilting blog.

I think it is clear that I enjoy photography as well.  In fact my photos aid in making my art quilts.Photography is an art form as well.

Art can be passed on through heredity, there were several commercial artists in my family, as well as some very talented amatures. Must be that  left side/ right side brain thing. There it is, hate math, live art, that’s me.

We can agree that one art form can lead to others. So here’s an example of that point.

 Since I have a captive audience, { well I suppose you can leave, but I hope not} I’d like to share  a few photos I took in early spring, of  some local ferns with their new fronds emerging

I have a little announcement/plug to make. As you may well know, I am soon opening my own art web site. Exciting and scary for me.  I plan to keep

my etsy shop open as well, http://etsy.com/shop/BarbaraHarmsFiberArt/. I’ll carry many non art items such as table runners, bed spreads, baby quilts and a section for fine art photography,  high resulation art prints. I hope you will be willing to support my new website, which I’ll give further details soon, as well as my etsy shop  http://etsy.com/shop/AsianArtAndQuilts/

Who loves flowers? Come on, a show of hands!

C                                                                                                                                                               Spring flowers, who loves them? A huge show of hands go up in response, in our minds anyway.  How many of us lose our breath over beautiful flowers? Or your heart rate raises dangerously high when looking at a bed of your favorite flowers?  Who can get enough wonderful, glorious flowers? There are never enough flowers for us, are there?

I’m guilty of all the above.

One of the thread painted peonies

Come spring I plant a truckload of old-fashioned English cottage flowers, foxglove, Delphiniums, hollyhocks, forget me nots, hardy geraniums. phlox, all to compliment my 50 +  David Austin roses, not familiar? Think petal counts of up to a 100,  old-time fragrance that’s non-existent in modern teas. One even had a perfume named after it, Evelyn was used as the basis of that lovely perfume.

David Austin roses
David Austin roses

They are bred with a mixture of old-time roses Although most of them rebloom after the first flush and continue to do so.

They fit in so well, wonderful soft romantic colors that mix so well in a cottage garden. . Then don’t even get me started on peonies, I can go on about them as much as I can roses.  I take a massive amount of pictures as you may have noticed by my posts.

When I’m not planting them or smelling them or photographing them then I’m quilting them. As a quilt artist, flowers are a common theme in my work.

. Back to my post…Oh thing more, I’ll find a few photos of my garden a few years ago when it was had an especially good year, so I can brag on it.

After all this waxing poetic, What do you suppose the subject of one of my  new quilts? surprize! Stylized spring flowers, a no brainier that.

So if you are a flower affectionatos,  this is for you.