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To iPhone or not to iPhone, do I jump into the fray?

When I heard that people were going to stand in line for hours, to be allowed to order one. Then they would be waiting a month or two to receive it. I had the attitude Oh I would never stoop to that level, wrong, wrong, wrong. I had far too much dignity for that sort of thing. But I did want that iPhone 6 plus, it had bigger print . screen and bigger keys. The keys on my old phone have a particular problem.Tex-ting was a nightmare. my fingers would hit 2 keys at once, unless I typed more or less with the side of my gigantic fingers. Does anyone else have this problem, besides me? I never knew what it was writing, and naturally I always bumped the send button too early,  those freakishly large fingers again. On re-reading whatever garbled, misspelled text I had just accidentally sent, I would be mortified. Well let’s just say you haven’t felt the true sting of embarrassment and humiliation until you have sent numerous texts like this til the person is sure to think, “She’s finally gone round the bend”. I manged to do this on a regular basis. The voice dictation was worse. So let’s face it, I NEEDED that phone. I never realized just how fat my fingers were before this. They look normal to me, but I suppose a phone that was made with the capacity for texting, would take into account the average size of those using their phone and build them accordingly.

The following week, I heard from a phone carrier sales guy that a small amount of the phones were trickling in and  they had a very small shipment of phones coming in on that very Friday. He mentioned that if you were in that line, you might be ablxe to get one of those phones. I immediately began making plans to get one of those phones. The mob frenzy mentality had set in, and my imagined “dignity”flew right out of  the door. I wasn’t going to just be in that line. I was going to be the first in that line.

I would need to be there at 4:30 AM, meaning getting up at about 3:45 AM. I flew out of bed when that alarm went off. Threw on some clothes, no coffee-gasp, not a drop of makeup, bedhead hair, don’t know if I even ran a comb through it, I must have surley. I just got in that car and flew. I arrived about  4:30 AM, and what did I find? Some other old geezer like myself, this guy had been there since 3:30. Just us two for an hour or so, when one or two started slowly trickling in. Yes, I was one of the crazies who braved the cold, the dark, the lack of sleep, stood in line for hours without coffee, a stitch of makeup and bed head hair, all to purchase one.

Having sunk to this level, no one  was going to get  in my way. ‘Let’s Rumble, I ‘ll fight anyone of you guys if you try to horn in on my iPhone plus. I’ll take ya, I can do it. I’m a black belt, so back off”. I’m second, in line, got here at 4:30.The man in front of the line was here at 3:30am.. He’s vacillating, “Do I want the 6 or the 6 plus?” He says. I start to size him up, he’s an older guy, looks a little weak, I can take him for sure.

That phone is mine!. Fortunately, I didn’t have to whoop on any interlopers, I got the phone, with one little catch, it’s only a 16 GB, not the 64GB or the 128GB. Too little gigs. So a few days later I ended up returning it and ordering the 64 gb. So like everyone else, I’m waiting for my iPhone 6 plus to come in.

60 MPH Sunset I finished the quilt.

In an earlier post I related my little experience after purchasing my new iphone.  I was excited  on the drive home, couldn’t wait to tear into that bag. So there I was digging into the bag, pulling out all the contents. I checked out all the packaging, the new clever little box that my phone came in, all the information on those mini booklets that manufactures put into the packaging with their products. You know, I was doing what everyone does with a new purchase. You’ve all done that too right?

My new phone was wonderfully full of possibilities. I began playing with my new toy. I was busy trying out all the new features on my phone. I was pretty focused on all this.

As we’re cruising along, I finally looked up from the phone. There was a breathtaking sunset, not just any ole sunset, it was a “I’ve got to get a picture of this!” kind of moment..

Obsessing over the necessity of a photo of this fleeting wonder of a sunset, I was actually distracted away from the phone. “Oh isn’t this always the way” I say to my husband “here is a perfect photo-op and where is your camera when you need it?” Home safe and sound in its comfy little camera case.

A thought starts to form in my little brain, “Well my new phone does have a built in camera dosen’t it. …humm.And I am    checking out the phone’s features aren’t I?” Well I answered my own questions and descided “Yes! This would make a great test.”

I  did the unthinkable, gasp, I took a photo from out of the window of  a moving car. In fact, I took several photos, yes I did!!! After I downloaded them to my computer, surprise, my phone took better photos than I expected. Several in particular I really liked, a row of popular trees lining  the highway silhouetted by the sunset. The minute I saw those photos, the first thing that popped into my mind was AN ART QUILT!!! .

I’ve posted photos of the quilt as it has progressed. It has taken a while even though I have been working steadily, all those many branches on my popular trees take loads of  time to thread paint.  

I’m finished, here is the result, 60 MPH Sunset.

60 MPH Sunset 

69 MPH Sunset, an art quilt

60 MPH Sunset

60 MPH Sunset

Weekly Photo Challenge Foward

Here’s my photos for the weekly photo challenge- Foward. Driving home with my new iPhone in hand, checking out what it can d0. This is an important tool for online sales, I need to access to my etsy shop, stay in touch.

So as my husband is cruising home, I’m playing with my new phone. Checking it out. What can this baby do?
I glanced out the car window, Wow what a sunset  So I took these with the iphone a few weeks back. 
These were shot  out of the car window at about 60 MPH. These are quite literally “foward”.As we drove on, we were heading into the sunset. This is a progression, the sights outside the window as we move foward.

60 per sunset

60 MPH
60 MPH
goofing with photoshop


moving fowardMG_0070

My photos for the weekly photo challenge foward

Travel into the sunset

I would say not too bad for a phone photo
I would say not too bad for a phone photo

Driving foward into the sunsetIMG_0002

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