Impressionist art quilt

I painted this silk fabric a a month or so ago . I liked it, but how to turn this fabric into an art quilt? As usual, I needed to run things around in my head for a while. What techniques to use? To applique or not applique? What style quilting to use? Lots of choices available, which ones to use.

I have found that using applique, a lot of thread painting, or dense quilting, tends to obscure the fabric design. Which in this case, I wanted to highlight.

I finally worked out the plan of action. Keep the focus on the painting itself, no fussiness to detract or obscure. I have found that the more I add to the fabric; applique, thread painting, dense quilting, the less the background is noticeable. It covers the design on the fabric. Since I’m dye/paint my own fabric, I often have this debate with myself going on.

What I liked about this fabric was it’s impressionist style, the way it resembled a watercolor.

.New piece of silk painted and ready for next step

I kept thread painting to a minimum, a little to add grass that faded off into the background, creating the “meadow”. With the quilting, although needed , keep wanted to keep it unobtrusive.

I finished it and posted on Etsy.

A nice thing happened. A rep for Pebeo Company, Setacolor contacted me. They need an art quilt which utilizes Setapaints for display at the Quiltcon show. They will have a booth and want a quilt to illustrate how Setapaints can be used in Art Quilting. This is the quilt that they want.

We’re still working out the details, but it is a done deal.. I am so excited that they asked me and it is such a good product that I genuinely love. The consistency is perfect for what I do, it is a permanent dye like paint, it can be diluted or thickened to suit the need. The selection of colors are great.

I generally paint my silk with a diluted form. I use Setapaint to create my silk “paintings”. For this quilt, I used watered down Setapaint, in a wet on wet technique, to create the impressionistic style.

I love how versatile they are..No they didn’t solicit any comments on my part, I am speaking from genuine appreciation for the product. So I’m jived!

Wildflower Medow

Impression in a quilt

Wildflower Meadow

Wildflower Meadow


The light bulb that went quilt


A fiber art quilt, that just hit me as a good idea.
A fiber art quilt, that just hit me as a good idea.

      Do you remember my earlier post about that light bulb moment when  you are suddenly struck with an idea which excites you? This art quilt came from that kind of moment. I think you remember what I’m referring to. You may have given much thought to a project and everything you came up with fell flat. Suddenly, a  really, really good idea pops into your head, a  this it !Eureka!’. I don’t about know you, but I find it very hard to work on an art quilt  that I’m not excited about. I’ll put off starting it, and when I do, I lose interest and put off finishing. it.  I ‘ll find every excuse in the world . I love making  fiber art.   I could work 24 X 7 on it, if the idea is inspiring to me.                                                                                                                                              Where  does  inspiration come from?  Why do we have a great idea just hit us, bamb out the blue? If anyone has a thought on that subject, share your thoughts. I’m wondering  if we’re all  inspired in the same way?   Do you think it might be something that we saw or heard a while back, that  lies dormant, until it just pops  out?   Let us know your th0ughts.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Here’s my light bulb moment art quilt, that I made with  my “wonderful’ fabric. I’m calling it my light bulb quilt.

a pink peony art



A  silk orignal art quilt
A hand painted art quilt in a pink pearlised color

Pink pearlized roses, a iridescent effect.
Pink pearlized roses, a iridescent effect.





Confessions of a china hoarder, quilts, tea parties and pink.

I love throwing big Victorian Tea parties, in full Victorian dress. I’ll share about that later. This tea was on a smaller scale . a goodbye tea party for a friend who moved away. It involved making and the giving of a quilt, of course. It also involves beautiful china, flowers and pretty linen. I confess that I hoard china, yes I am a china hoarders. The burning question is how many sets of china does a person need ? i’m attempting to find the answer to that burning question. Is six concurrent sets a bit much? A few years ago, I began a quest to find a set of pink and gold china. I was on the lookout for pink and gold dishes, every yard sale and thrift store. I was determined, time passed, I kept my eyes open. Nothing. When we went on a trip to England, the trip expanded my search field to an entire country, one which had a proper appreciation of beautiful china. The possibilities were staggering, I was dizzy with excitement, the game was a foot! I was in the world of Royal Daulton and Royal Albert. I searched for vintage stores, thrift shops and yard sales, which are apparently replaced by “boot sales” in Britten, an empty field that has filled with cars selling from the trunk of their car. The dishes you see here were found in a flea market in England and carted back home  in a suitcase.Packed with care, crossed fingers. Not one chipped cup. How’s that for packing? I’m sure you’ve noticed how glorious pink and gold are together. I think I may have over dosed on one too many Victoria magazines. A defunct magazine, the stuff of dreams, over flowing with pictures of beautiful cottages, flowers and tea shops. If you know  about Victoria magazine, I suspect you may be on the brink of china hoarding. You, in all likelihood, are obsessed with pink roses draping over a white arbor, cottage gardens, quaint cottages, thatched roofs, tea parties …the list trails off into the sunset….Welcome my new fellow romantic, you too may begin a quest of your own. Maybe it will be for one special hard to find romantica rose, or a blue teapot with cornflowers on it made by Royal Albert…

Finally giving the quilt. She liked it!