The light bulb that went quilt


A fiber art quilt, that just hit me as a good idea.
A fiber art quilt, that just hit me as a good idea.

      Do you remember my earlier post about that light bulb moment when  you are suddenly struck with an idea which excites you? This art quilt came from that kind of moment. I think you remember what I’m referring to. You may have given much thought to a project and everything you came up with fell flat. Suddenly, a  really, really good idea pops into your head, a  this it !Eureka!’. I don’t about know you, but I find it very hard to work on an art quilt  that I’m not excited about. I’ll put off starting it, and when I do, I lose interest and put off finishing. it.  I ‘ll find every excuse in the world . I love making  fiber art.   I could work 24 X 7 on it, if the idea is inspiring to me.                                                                                                                                              Where  does  inspiration come from?  Why do we have a great idea just hit us, bamb out the blue? If anyone has a thought on that subject, share your thoughts. I’m wondering  if we’re all  inspired in the same way?   Do you think it might be something that we saw or heard a while back, that  lies dormant, until it just pops  out?   Let us know your th0ughts.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Here’s my light bulb moment art quilt, that I made with  my “wonderful’ fabric. I’m calling it my light bulb quilt.

a pink peony art



A  silk orignal art quilt
A hand painted art quilt in a pink pearlised color

Pink pearlized roses, a iridescent effect.
Pink pearlized roses, a iridescent effect.





We’re not in Kansas anymore






A original art quilt with a contempory edge.
Contemporary fiber art, original work.

I’m finally getting around to posting this. As you can see I’ve been into bright and bold lately.

Those colors are so good together.
I used  my flower sketches  to draw and paint the flowers. They were appliqued onto the back ground fabric, thread painted, and  finally quilted. With the colors in that background I had to step up the quilting. I used different bold color to matching that  background. I really enjoy quilting and did some really interesting feathers and swirls and dots over the entire art quilt. I like the result .
This is a bright, fun and colorful quilt that would  add pizzazz to a modern neutral styled room, as well as a number of other styles. It is just the pop of excitement that brightens where ever you hang it, in your home or office.

It is still for sale at a reasonable price. Contact me for details.


A modern art quilt, Techniques used; silk painting, applique`, threadpainting and quilting
Tangerine Sky- a original art quilt


Contemporary fiber art
Details in closer view



A modern art quilt
The triadic colors add excitement used together.



Original modern art quilt
The silk painting adds depth,the thread painting adds defination.