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Whoa Nelly and Alphonse Mucha

I must apologize for an attempt last night [a really, really late night attempt] to post these two quilts. Somehow I posted a rejected draft, which was jumbled, incoherent, misspelled and unintelligible. To answer your obvious question, No, I had not been drinking heavily at the time nor was I having a psychotic break with reality. Sorry and embarrassed, I deleted the mess. Yet as we all know, once anything is published on the internet, it will linger on forever.

I freely confess that I am a terrible speller, as you might have noticed, although I cannot understand why spell check allows me to run a muck like this. I admit that I often ramble on violating the entire point of blogging. I regress, repeat and occasionally leave out key words. Editing is a skill I do not possess. I will reread a post multiple times before posting, searching, yet missing the mistakes. I assume the reason for these editing failures is that my mind corrects any mistakes it encounters without my being aware of it, so I do not see them.

Strangely, the very instant I hit the publish button, they all magically appear. There are many reasons why I should be stripped of my blogging privileges and banned from ever writing anything publicly again. But the mishap on my last post was an all time low, even for me.

I will now re-attempt to post these quilts in an understandable and coherent manner.   

 Here are the last two quilts of what I have dubbed my “stressed out series” of three. One is an art deco bed set with Alphonse Mucha‘s art thrown in the mix. The last quilt is a neon bright geometric art quilt. I used commercial fabrics in this one, not my usual hand painted silk. I simply couldn’t help myself, these fabrics were calling me, or maybe more accurately screaming to me and could not be ignored. The art quilting is playful, it matches the wonky piecing & outrageous” Whoa Nelly” bright colors.


Art Deco & MUCHA524712894241878_2121391223_o

Mucha copy472833_524892274223940_1525041877_o

I used the ink jet printable fabric sheets for the first time, great results. I brightened her colors up with a little fabric paint, including metallic gold.
How to quilt this really busy fabric? My solution, crazy wild quilting.
How to quilt this really busy fabric? My solution, crazy wild quilting.

Quilt # 3-  I was not exaggerating about the bright colors, was I?

A bright art quilt in neon colors

eon City Lights

City Lights

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As I conclude this post, I must say that this post seems to have an imbalance. It is a top heavy mixture of too many photos with too little words, The Google bot does not that I have read somewhere.I often post too many photos, I forget that not everyone has my same fascination with all the details.I’m afraid I have run out of words to say, sorry little Google bot, these are all the words that I can muster. I hope that my last garbled post will dissappear, replaced with this one, but that’s unlikely I suppose.