Lunar Eclipse Art Quilt

This in my latest art quiltLunar Eclipse“, it’s going up on Etsy in a couple of minutes. I thought an eclipse would be a cool idea. I chose lunar, the silk I had already painted was dark blue and purple.

To create my eclipse, I played around with metallic paints and other colored paints to add shading. I was having a great old time on this one, later, I experimented with a crystal glue gun adding crystals to mimic lights.Fun.

After I had finished appliqueing the moon on and had thread painted the metallic rays, what next? There was rather a lot of empty space under the eclipse to be filled.What sort of elements would enhance the eclipse scene?That was a challenge, it had a rather off the beaten path sort of subject matter, thinking, thinking & making mental pictures, well?How about a city skyline? I like it, yes that’s it! Keep it simple, not too busy, a stylized cityscape. I wanted the eclipsed moon to be the real focus of this piece.

The next choice was quilting design. On many art quilts I need to roll that around in my head several days. Consider the context, this was a bit harder, the subject was a little off the beaten path. Obviously the quilting done on a landscape quilt is different than one chosen for a traditional quilt.

Were we speaking of art quilting? you may ask? Well of course we were. For a visual treat, have a look at the art quilting section that Karen McTavish included  in her book, “Quilting For Show”. A wonderful book. There are several which left me with my jaw on floor.Two particularly impressed me by Hollis Chatelai’s, utterly exquisite.Their titles are “Blue Men” and “The Grandfather”.

You will enjoy this book, loaded with great info and of course Karen’s beautiful heirloom quilting.

If you love quilting & in particular art quilting you will be treated to the work of some of the best of the best, Diane Gaudynski, Sharen Schamber, Caryl Bryer Fallert, Ricky Tims and so many more I couldn’t possibly name them all.

Well, back to my subject, here is my finished quilt,”Lunar Eclipse”.

Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse
A closer view of the moon
A closer view of the moon

Lunar Eclipse

Detailed view of Ecipse
Detailed view of Ecipse

Well, that’s it, the finished quilt.

We’re not in Kansas anymore






A original art quilt with a contempory edge.
Contemporary fiber art, original work.

I’m finally getting around to posting this. As you can see I’ve been into bright and bold lately.

Those colors are so good together.
I used  my flower sketches  to draw and paint the flowers. They were appliqued onto the back ground fabric, thread painted, and  finally quilted. With the colors in that background I had to step up the quilting. I used different bold color to matching that  background. I really enjoy quilting and did some really interesting feathers and swirls and dots over the entire art quilt. I like the result .
This is a bright, fun and colorful quilt that would  add pizzazz to a modern neutral styled room, as well as a number of other styles. It is just the pop of excitement that brightens where ever you hang it, in your home or office.

It is still for sale at a reasonable price. Contact me for details.


A modern art quilt, Techniques used; silk painting, applique`, threadpainting and quilting
Tangerine Sky- a original art quilt


Contemporary fiber art
Details in closer view



A modern art quilt
The triadic colors add excitement used together.



Original modern art quilt
The silk painting adds depth,the thread painting adds defination.