Fast Foward

The hollyhocks are are coming right along, Here’s my progress report for my time lapse quilt for 2/16/2014. I’ll  give a few photos leading up to today’s progress., if anyone is just seeing this for the first time. It will make it a time lapse.

hollyhock quilt progress 004
Start Date Jan 19 Fabric painted work begins
hollyhock quilt progress 006
Jan 27
hollyhocks, hollyhock quilt 020
Feb. 2 2014
Barbara Harms fiber arthollyhock quilt progress 024
Feb 5
hollyhock (10)
Feb 9

Progress 2/16/2014

I have finished most of flowers and and added the shading to the stocks. A few side views of the flowers and buds and a little more details and then I’ll be ready to quilt it.

Feb 16
hollyhocks 2 16
hollyhocks 2/16/2014

hollyhocks 007

hollyhocks 010

hollyhocks 014If you would like to follow this series from it’s start here are the links that cover it





A peek at the beginnings of my 60 MPA iphone quilt

Driving along in my automobile

As I promised, here’s a peek at the progress I have made so far on the new art quilt I’ve started. It was inspired by the photos I took with my new iPhone from the window of our moving car.I’m going to call it

60 MPH Out The Window.

The first stage is almost  complete, the silk painting. I’m reasonably satisfied,  it’s a good start. The next stages are the thread painting and the final quilting .

 The thread painting and and quilting  require thought. This can be especially true of a landscape quilt or any art quilt which requires a measure of realism. What look are you are going for?What style of art do you want? This all needs to be considered. How you plan to achieve this? It requires thought and planning. I usually need to kick this around in my mind for days to work it out.

Thread painting can add realism and detail, the texture of the bark on a tree for instance . It can create the illusion of  dimension. An apple, for example, can appear spherical, not just a flat image laying there. It can come to life.

You also need  to make a decision concerning the amount of detail you want. Weigh in your mind how much thread work and quilting you will need. That will definitely effect the flatness of the quilt. No one wants an uneven wavy piece of fiber art hanging on their wall. The amount thread work will effect this. It needs to be evenly spaced with similar density to lay flat. A few things to plan, but the fun starts as you see it develop.


60 MPH Out The Window

Driving along in my automobile

popilars photos iphone 2013-02-11 004

a closer look
a closer look

60 MPH Out My Window

Well, there’s a peek at my latest, 60 MPH Out The Window. I’ll try to post a few updates as the project progresses.

“Wonderland Revisited”, “Well I had fun”.

Wonderland Revisited an art quilt , looking for Alice

Here’s the latest art quilt that I’ve been working on, like a busy little bee, these last few weeks, well maybe a month. In any case. It’s done, it’s done!

I made it with the intention of a companion piece that harmonized with my last quilt, “Down the Rabbit Hole“.  This ones entitled “Wonderland Revisited”.

And, yes, it’s bright, it’s colorful and it’s bold., too much? Well that depends….my teenaged granddaughters, and as we all know, teens are not noted for their fondness for dark dismal color choices, many actually seem to love the most outlandish styles [ a disclaimer this is a general observation , not referring to my girls] when I asked these two normal teenagers if it needed a little more colored thread work in a certain spot, were slow and careful in their response,”Well……grandma, it  IS pretty colorful already”. This said in a voice that told me everything, ” Be careful, we don’t want to hurt Grandma’s feelings. But clearly she has lost my mind”.  One of my  younger grandsons  was watching me in my workroom. I said ” So what do you think?” referring to the quilt.  He paused for a long time, thoughtfully looking at it, weighing his answer.  Then he finally said,” What is it?”. I said sometimes things don’t have to look like something, he clearly did not agree, but he wasn’t going to argue the point with someone who obviously didn’t have a clue.

These little encounters with younger ones told me that it might be a little bright for some folks. My reaction is similar to contestants on American Idol, who have just received a particularly  brutal review by the judges. When asked to comment  usually say, ” Well I had fun”. So if it is a little too bright for some folks, and I ‘m sure it might be, ” Well I had fun”. And I did!*

Some of the strange fauna Alice encountered. Made with hand painted silk and applique,
Thanks for the shared trip to Wonderland with us!

*With many thanks to the amazing quilt artist Ellen Anne Eddy. She has led the way for many of us color addicts to come out into the open and  feel free to be as colorful as we want.Her new book is called “Thread Magic Garden”. If I were a book reviewer I would surely give this one at least a 9. She has beautiful pictures, oh la la,.She has so many wonderful colorful illustrations included in it, it will inspire you to to try color and have fun with your quilt t. But 1st and foremost she has created a book with such understandable, clear instructions, illustrating each step of the way with very clear and helpful  photos. You will LOVE this book.